Simple Web design:

If you are keen to get your business seen then you should be just as keen about having a web presence. Even a simple website can make you stand out in a crowd and persuade a customer to buy your services and products. 

Most businesses today know that a website is their most important part of digital marketing and by having a web presence with good, up to date content – your website can be your right hand man in getting you the business you deserve. 

We create simple 1 or 5 page websites from as little as £85 that will work on any device that accesses the internet. 

We begin the process by sitting down with you to have a chat about your business and expectations. We will produce a proposal which will highlight what we can do for you. The web design process begins with an initial chat about your business, goals and expectations. Once we know where you want your business to be then we can start with the creative web design brief.


1 page website  £85.00 

  • Standard one page template
  • Submission to the search engines
  • Links to 3 social media sites
  • Built in security package
  • Mobile responsive

1 page website plus 1 domain and hosting for a year £130.00

5 page website £250.00

  • Submission to the search engines
  • Links to all social media sites
  • Standard five page template designed around your colours and logo’s
  • Built in security package
  • Full training on how to manage the site with 2 week after support
  • Mobile responsive

5 page website plus 1 domain and hosting for a year £295.00

2nd year hosting £50.00 per annum

Copywriting £30 per page or £30 per hour